iRecord Music – and I’m not going to jail



Gone are the days where you could fill up your iPod with huge amounts of free content found, however illegally, on websites like the old Napster or Limewire.

Fast forward to the future, where you need to look over your shoulder if you are not paying the exorbitant fees required to load up your handheld devices. I for one don’t need the stress of “sharing” my files with the unknown masses, or wondering when my computer will crash from doing the naughty song stealing I shouldn’t have been doing in the first place.

Well, now there is another option, iRecord Music, brought to you by the same people who brought you the iPad compatible, iRecord Pro. iRecord Music is the only multifunction USB device that can directly record to an iPhone 4 and other iPhones, all iPods including iPod touch and other portable media players with a touch of a button. No computer or complicated software required.

The iRecord Music can also record from CD players, internet radio, cassette players, TV and even computers. It will allow you to digitize your old collections or grab new content from almost anywhere. The iRecord Music will also function as a live recorder using its built in microphone or as a basic MP3 player. And for $79.95 it all but pays for itself.

How cool is that?


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