Blio – Just like the actual book, only better


Blio is the revolutionary FREE eReading application that does more than just show you copied text. It is an application that preserves the feel of the book, layout and format, pictures and colors, allowing you to capture all the nuances the author wanted you to have, allowing you to actually enjoy the book in its original form.

Blio also harnesses the potential of the machine you are reading on, by allowing you to look up words, write in the margins of your book and highlight text. You can sync several devices or access your reading materials anywhere you have an internet connection. Blio will even read to you, highlighting the text as it goes. Blio has the capability of offering books with embedded videos and clickable text. Cool.

At this writing there are thousands of full color titles to choose from at Blio’s built in bookstore and they promise almost 1 million titles in the future. The bookstore also features reviews and ratings simplifying your eBook purchases. With the availability of a free eReader, don’t expect the books to be inexpensive, but they should be more visually appealing and a whole lot more fun.

The application can be downloaded now, to all Windows-based devices with applications for iOS, Android and Silverlight platforms available soon. Oh yeah, I mentioned that it was free, right?

Further info over on the Blio site.

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