Award Winning Nesting Spheres Puzzle


Challenge your youngling’s brain power with the Award Winning Nesting Spheres Puzzle – after all, it ought to provide hours of entertainment without having to take on the role of the idiot box. This will definitely impart better qualities in children, since it forces them to think in multiple dimensions, apart from helping build up spatial awareness while developing motor skills in the process – nothing the TV is able to deliver, although the latter does seem far more enticing at first. The Nesting Spheres Puzzle was picked to be the Winner of the 2008 International Design Excellence Award, where it will come in a quartet of color-coded layers which nest within one another.

Children are forced to turn each piece just so to fit it through the outer sphere’s fixed opening, which will certainly make the puzzle progressively harder as they “level up” from one sphere to the next. The puzzle comprises of 21 pieces altogether, forming a 3 1/4″-diameter sphere when completed. While it is slated for those aged 5 and above, we’re sure mom and dad won’t mind giving this $29.95 toy a go just for the sake of curiosity (and to see whether they have the smarts as well or not). Imagine what a spot you will be in when your kid asks you to solve it and you walk away defeated…

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sydneystone Says: February 5, 2011 at 10:13 pm

i really like to see the smart product for the children

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