Gelli Baff Gift Set


Moms, if you’re having a hard time trying to convince your kids that they are not vikings and absolutely need to bathe more than once a year, then you might want to check out the Gelli Baff Gift Set. This could very well help your quest to make bath time a whole lot more enjoyable, without needing the help of a rubber duckie. Retailing for just £9.99, this can be used to fill the bath with but a few sprinkles, where the bathwater will then end up as gloriously thick, colorful goo. Talk about having some good and clean fun while scrubbing yourself of the day’s dirt and grime! In fact, it can even spark off your imagination of swimming through red lava, or perhaps squatting in some sort of green, swampy area? Each gift set purchase will come with two random colors of Gelli Baff plus a free 250ml bottle of Bubble Baff. Of course, adult supervision is recommended in this case.

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