Orb Audio rolls out Hammered Earth premium speaker finish


Orb Audio is one of the more notable names when it comes to high-end speakers, and among their new releases would be the Hammered Earth premium speaker finish. Being the latest addition to Orb’s customization choices, Hammered Earth will be part of current unique finishes including Antique Copper, Antique Bronze and Hand Polished Steel. With the introduction of this new, warm earth tone, Orb speakers will complement an even wider array of decor choices to help you get started on making your living room look a whole lot more nicer than it currently is.

Boasting a high-end, luxurious texture, this new Hammered Earth Orb speaker will evoke beauty in both appearance and performance, where each speaker measures all of 4 3/16 inches in diameter, not to mention having the output of a much larger speaker thanks to a wide range of design technologies. Right smack at the heart of the Orb speaker system lies the spherical Mod1 satellite speaker which is capable of churning out the biggest, fullest sound from the smallest possible package.

For those who are patriotic, you will be pleased to know that this new premium speaker is made in the USA from high carbon steel, where individual Orb speakers will come with advanced technologies such as rare earth magnets, custom voice coils and high performance Santoprene speaker surrounds. Not only that, the richly colored and textured “Hammered Earth” speaker finish makes sure that they look as good as they sound. If you have the dough to spare, the Orb Audio Mod satellite speakers will come in Hammered Earth finish from $269 per pair, while $873 will net you a 5.1 surround system with 5 speakers and Orb’s custom Super Eight subwoofer.

Somehow, this thing reminds me of the Orbb character from Quake III – you know, the giant, bi-pedal Eyeball that makes a squealing noise each time it is shot. That’s one tough eye, and I loved poking it with a railgun from afar.

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