360 Degree Oscillating Heater


For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, it goes without saying that the mercury has already started to drop ever since fall started, and with winter coming right up, it makes perfect sense to ensure that you have enough heating elements lying around – blankets for your family as well as guests, as well as a working heater. Of course, sometimes the weather can be that unpredictable that it could turn out to be unusually cold that year – which is where reinforcements are required. Hammacher has got your (cold) back with the 360 Degree Oscillating Heater, making sure that this portable heater will be able to radiate heat in a full circle, distributing warmth evenly throughout an entire room. A 360º sweep of this heater will ensure everyone in the room doesn’t have to huddle around like penguins, but can remain comfortably warm much faster. Each $79.95 purchase also comes with a palm-sized remote, letting you set the temperature as well as alternative oscillation modes of 90º and 170º. You can choose to set it to high (1500 watts) or low (900 watts), or to maintain a constant temperature with the built-in digital thermostat.

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