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Once again I find myself enthralled with the things they come up with these days, after weeks of begging and pleading by my daughter, I finally made the run to our local toy emporium to check out Paperjamz, these ingenious little instruments utilize Active Graphics Technology™ which is pretty much paper, with circuits embedded inside that allow your kids to “play” the instrument by touching the right spots on the surface of the paper.

Basically, a very cost effective cardboard guitar that has 4 different styles of play including a freestyle mode that allows you to play real chords. Also available are the Paperjamz drum sets, same premise and the same modes of play.

The company’s website offers some fun content as well, including a tutorial on how to play actual guitar chords, a web based music magazine and links to some real Paperjamz fans rocking out on their cardboard instruments.

Paperjamz offerings include guitars and drums each in 6 different styles and all with 3 different popular tunes to jam with. Available accessories include guitar straps and amplifiers. All the instruments have internal speakers, volume control and most importantly, and quite thankfully a line out jack for an earphone connection. WowWee Paperjamz cost around $24.00 from Amazon


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