Watch this Micromouse do a maze in 5 seconds, eventually

This micromouse robot competition is some international event that involves a tiny automated robotic mouse that goes through a maze, studying every possible turn, and then restarts, going through the maze as fast as possible.

Go ahead and watch the video after the jump so you can see the mouse go slowly through the maze and then speed through it in about five seconds. Granted, it takes a while before the video gets to that point, but this is one of those vids where you want to see all the opening acts before the final show.

There are a couple of things worth noting. You will see that the mouse takes paths that you probably wouldn’t take if you were actually going through a maze like this. I mean, what human would deliberately go down a clearly visible dead end?

The other thing to notice is that you, as a human being, could probably not remember as good as this micromouse here. Just try running through a maze and figuring out where to go, without a pen and paper or even a piece of string. Then try starting from the very beginning and run it in five seconds.

The last thing that you should notice is the lower right hand corner. The letters “A-L-F” are clearly seen. Some maze-maker a big ALF fan? Ha-ha! I kill me! (That’s from the TV show ALF in case you didn’t get that joke.)