8-bit Watch

Everyone remembers 8-bit games, with their super simplistic graphics as well as ditties which tend to stay in your head for hours on end after the game is over and console stashed away. Well, for those who have a soft spot for the 8-bit era, remembering fondly how the soundtrack tends to speed up dramatically whenever you spend too much time in a particular level to add that touch of urgency, enter the 8-bit Watch which will certainly have your fellow video gaming friends clamoring for one as well.

This 8-bit styled wristwatch will feature a stainless steel face and ABS band, coming in black or white colors for $69.99 a pop. Strangely enough, being 8=bit doesn’t mean it is digital, so you have a couple of hands to help you tell what time of the day it is. Would be great if it had a button to play musical ditties from classic 8-bit games when pressed.