Sony Internet TV – Now I never have to get off the couch


There goes my promise to start exercising, just when I was feeling motivated, Sony introduces Internet TV with a Blu-ray disc player powered by Google TV.

Now I can search for whatever I want, anywhere on the Internet or TV and I can actually cruise the net, while I am watching television. Its not that I don’t do that already, its just that having everything on one integrated screen is just so darn exciting. I imagine myself updating my Facebook page while watching the news, or helping my daughter with her homework and watching football at the same time, mostly I see myself watching Formula 1 and running the live timing screen on the same display with Dual View.

This cool little box also has built in WIFI and can access your online movies, photos and music, this just gets better and better. The Sony Internet TV really is an all in one entertainment source. It probably couldn’t be any more compelling if you could say… download Android Apps or link it with your mobile phone and use it as an additional remote, or share content between the phone and TV, but you can.

The Internet TV Blu-Ray player connects to your existing HDTV, comes with a handheld QWERTY keyboard with an optical mouse and at $399.00, the only reason not to own one is all the stuff you’re not going to get done.

Available now with an optional extended service plan from Sony Style.

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doogie Says: November 2, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Or you can just buy a computer and wireless keyboard to hook up to your big screen TV. Then you have practically the same thing plus a fully functioning computer.

My MacMini plus Eyetv tuner has been providing me with HD TV on my 46″ LCD for some time now. It is my PVR, my music centre, my phot library, my radio, and I can share al of the content on any other computer connected to my network. Plus the Mac mini is smaller and looks nicer than the device pictured above.

Why do people keep buying into these limited function devices? I wouldn’t buy Apple TV for the same reason. Just spend a few hundred more and you can have it all.

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