Sesame Street Video USBs are ready for purchase


Everyone loves Sesame Street, right? Well, that might be a pretty sweeping statement to make, but frankly, with so many characters from the childrens’ educational show, surely something about those lovable hand puppets will appeal to you. Who can forget Ernie and Bert’s extremely close friendship (which some say border on a relationship), as well as the Count who can’t stop, well, counting? If you want to relive your fond childhood memories of Sesame Street, you can now do so by picking up Sesame Street Video USBs from the nearest Toys R Us store, subject to availability, of course. Alternatively, your less than deep interest in this series doesn’t mean you can’t fill up someone’s Christmas stocking this holiday season with it, right?

The Sesame Street Video USB drives will come equipped with a special “wearable” connector strap, and as mentioned previously, are now available at Toys R Us stores nationwide. Of course, if you prefer to take the “greener” route, there is always the option to purchase it online at The drives themselves will hold a capacity of 400 photographs, songs and printable content, where it will be accompanied by a complementary character-specific full-length home video: The Best of Elmo, Abby in Wonderland, Big Bird’s Do the Alphabet, Bert and Ernie’s Word Play, Cookie Monster’s Best Bites, A Celebration of Me: Grover, or Sesame Street’s 25th Anniversary: A Musical Celebration.

Among the collection includes seven beloved icons: Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Abby Cadabby, Ernie and the Sesame Street street sign. That ought to send most Sesame Street fans into unbridled joy. ATP Electronics will be behind the production of these flash drives, and the amalgamation of Sesame Street’s educational content with a new technological format will definitely bring education to the next generation in a much more fun manner in which they can identify with better.

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