Revo Axis Radio


Who listens to the radio these days? Not many apparently, but then again your ears can only handle so many premediated MP3s on a playlist before they yearn for something fresh and random, and this is where radios and their bunch of chatty DJs come in. The Revo Axis Radio which retails for £199.99 a pop will come in a sleek form factor, being an Internet/DAB radio cum dock which will represent the next generation of ‘connected’ music hubs. Not only can it receive more than 13,000 Internet radio stations, it also does crystal-clear DAB and DAB+, conventional FM radio with RDS and music streamed from your PC or Mac. This makes the Axis one seriously multi-talented performer, while doubling up as an iPhone/iPod dock.

Not only that, NXT’s patented Balanced Radiator loudspeaker technology is incoporated within its 8W amp to deliver impressive clarity and bass response. To cap things off, you get an alarm clock with it, complete with the all important sleep and snooze functions, now how about that!

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