Penbo by Bossa Nova – Because it wouldn’t be Christmas without a robot


Starting right around Halloween, every time a see a toy commercial I watch it carefully, because I know my daughter certainly is. While the time for kids hoping for an Etch-a-Sketch on Christmas morning has long passed, I never realized that we would be having quite so many personal robots to choose from.

The one for seven year old girls this year seems to be Penbo, a lovable penguin that surprises you when you press her heart by hatching a baby. This cute little robot walks like a penguin, dances, and evidently has the ability to sense her environment. Penbo interacts with her Bebe™ and, the baby itself, can be used as the remote control.

Penbo plays tag, hide and seek, musical chairs, mimic me and peek a boo. The more you play with Penbo, the more ways she has to respond and the happier she becomes. She will purr when you touch her head or you can easily get her to dance the Cha-Cha. She is very sociable and can recognize other Penbos and will speak to them, and you, in her native

I am intrigued by the toys of today and certainly see the appeal, I am excited by what may be on the horizon in terms of fun and enjoyment, but somehow I long for the days when a cap gun and a cowboy hat provided a whole days worth of entertainment.


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