Magnestick Safety System helps young skiers

by Mark R

It has been a while since I have been skiing, but safety on the chair lift was important when I started skiing at a young age.

I remember being slightly scared of the chair-lift, which is completely understandable for someone under the age of 10. After all, you have to sit in a chair that is several feet above the ground. Many of the Beginner chairs have a safety bar, but there is now another way to lock youngsters into place.

This new method, called the Magnestick, uses magnets. The child comes on the chair-lift with this metal piece on their back that you see here. Then, when they sit on the chair lift, electromagnets activate and the young skier “clicks” into place. This will insure that the young skier stays in his or her seat on the trip up the mountain. When it is time for the young skier to dismount the chair, the electromagnets turn off.

This is especially good during the time when the lift scoops up the skier. I remember being slapped upside the head with the approaching chairlift. If something where to lock in place on my back, that probably wouldn’t have happened.

The Magnestick is already in use in several ski resorts in Europe, and United States has two with Alpine Meadows and Lake Tahoe being the first.


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