City Lights Globe


Ever wondered how it felt like to be an astronaut, so many thousands of miles above the earth that you get to see the little globe which teems with life? Well, the City Lights Globe could offer a semblance of that experience, as this rotating globe will illuminate to show how the world’s cities look at night from space. It will boasts a true-to-the-view from orbit, glistening in a soft white glow where you will find major metropolitan areas located throughout Eastern Europe and North America, while sparsely lit areas are scattered throughout Africa and Russia. These city lights will automatically illuminate in low ambient light and dim whenever the globe is exposed to light, showing off a multicolor political map alongside topographical shading and place names for major cities, countries, and bodies of water. Measuring 10″ in diameter, this globe will rotate automatically on a mirrored base which reflects Antarctica and the surrounding bodies of water. No batteries required, but you will have to plug it into AC. The City Lights Globe can be yours for $89.95.

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