Play By Play Announcing Scoreboard


If you can’t make your way to the city’s biggest games of the year (which will mostly be between bitter rivals as well as derbys), why not bring some sort of similar atmosphere to your home with the Play By Play Announcing Scoreboard? This unique portable scoreboard will allow a spectator to contribute play-by-play and colorful commentary (while exercising self-censorship, of course, just in case there are minors around) to any backyard football scrimmage or softball league game.

The device will amplify the announcer’s commentary thanks to the included microphone, where it also comes with built-in sound effects. The couple of 10-watt speakers might not sound like much (pun not intended), but it should be enough to create real game-day atmosphere wherever you are. Not only that, the unit also displays the score for home and away teams on easy-to-see, 3-inch high numbers, alongside a countdown timer as well as a period indicator to keep things as real as possible. You can also play around with eight different crowd effects which range from taunts to cheers to suit the occassion.

You can opt to have this run off an AC adapter, or go truly portable with eight D batteries providing relevant juice. The Play By Play Announcing Scoreboard can be picked up for $299.95.

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