Null Concept Car has “Apps” option

by Mark R

This is the Null, and it is a concept electric vehicle designed by Jeongche Yoon to be the super-compact car of the future.

I suppose the electric and super-compact design are supposed to be made for this era of eco-friendly vehicles that are often taken on the road by one driver. It also has another feature for this century: the App.

Yes, this car has apps. These apps aren’t the smartphone software that creates an App on a touchscreen. This is more like hardware that you put on your car to make it do more. You can catch a video of this concept car after the jump.

App number one is Storage, which I would hardly call an App, really. App Number two is the Board carrier, for those who have surfboard and snowboards. This is definitely designed for the beach crowd, think of it as the new Volkswagen Bug. App number three is an outdoor bar that extends out of the trunk like an ironing board. App number four is a bike carrier, and then App number five is the extension battery pack.

Again, I would not call an extension battery pack for this car an app. After all, when you get an extension battery for your iPhone, that isn’t an App, it is an accessory. Clearly, the Null creator just wants to use the same buzzword for smartphones be the one for smartcars.


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