Escort announces PASSPORT iQ for advanced warning of speed traps

Everyone hates to get stuck with a speeding ticket, but then again that has to be implemented if some form of law and order is required to make sure everything runs smoothly – as much as possible, anyways. After all, if there were no deterrents like speeding tickets, most folks with powerful cars will definitely zip down the freeway with wanton abandon – and you know how dangerous unbridled speed can be.

Well, here is something on your side today – the Passport iQ GPS navigation system from Escort that not only helps you get from point A to point B in clear directions, it also comes with integrated radar/laser detection to make sure you can slow down in time before the cop hiding in the thicket of bushes sends you a court summons.

Apart from that and GPS navigation, the Passport iQ also delivers important driving information such as speed traps and speed limit data, all crammed into a single compact device. While it looks like your ordinary GPS personal navigation device, the new Passport iQ will feature a fairly generous 5-inch full-color touchscreen display, letting you know in clear terms your current speed and heading, speed limit information, warnings if speed limits change and whenever you exceed the posted speed.

You can also choose from a user-friendly choice of visual and audio alerts which can be displayed in selectable formats and colors. It will also feature artificial intelligence and Escort’s patented AutoLearn feature, where the latter will automatically identify and analyze all radar sources. This allows the device to know just which is the real threat, locking out those which are false in the process such as automatic door openers, motion sensors, and other sources which might cause competitor radar detectors to constantly false alert in the absence of an actual threat.

Interested? This puppy can be yours for $649.99.

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  1. Too bad the police already have your speed on their read out screen when this thing starts to go off. Don’t waste your money, officers laugh at anyone with these types of things; the police radar and laser equipment gets your speed in milliseconds so as this detector starts to go off the officer is putting the cruiser into gear to pull you over. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

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