Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker

There is a great scene in Mr. Deeds where Adam Sandler tells Erick Avari how much he likes a Wendy’s Frosty. He then replies “I tried to make one at home, but it just isn’t the same”.

I suppose that is true about the Dairy Queen Blizzard. Fortunately, there is now a device designed for such a thing. That would be all right, because my wife loves these things and they are downright expensive.

It resembles some sort of home ice cream maker, and that is all that I know about this thing so far. It doesn’t look it is mechanical in any way, which is quite odd. I seem to recall the Blizzard machine at my local Dairy Queen having an electric motor.

The fact that it doesn’t seem to be able to mix the toppings in is another strike against it. So if you want a Snickers flavored one, you’ll probably have to stick that candy bar in the Cuisinart, and then sprinkle it into your plain Blizzard.

Another sort of non-helpful sign is that this Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker is available at Toys R Us. So I am guessing that the $34.99 will buy you a step up from a slushie machine, really.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, because I haven’t tried it. All I know is that I want a Blizzard, and when I try and make it without a Blizzard Maker, it is just not the same.


2 thoughts on “Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker”

  1. The dairy queen blizzard maker is a joke! If I am going to spin this crazy thing for an hour it should make enough to eat! Only makes kiddie size and and takes forevr! Not worth it. Disappointed!

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