This coin-operated machine accepts PayPal

by Mark R

One of the problems with PayPal is although you may have PayPal money, sometimes you don’t have cash.

I receive all payments for my writing work through PayPal, and I’m sure most of you know about the three or five day delay before that money officially gets to the bank after a deposit.

At the PayPal X Innovate 2010 developers conference, there was a vending machine on display that takes PayPal. It was designed by Ray Tanaka and PayPal labs with a WiShield, an LED display, and a simple coin-operated vending machine.

Just to let you know, you can’t just go up and insert twenty-five cents worth of PayPal money like you insert a coin. You will need a smartphone, and you will need a particular App for that. It works by scanning a QR code, and then entering in the amount of money to purchase that item. Perhaps they could make a version that would only involve entering in a PayPal username and password.

I can see that PayPal vending machines are clearly the wave of the future as we are slowly moving toward a cashless society. I can easily see this being put on all vending machines, and it will serve as a deterrent for those who want to break into a coin operated machine just to steal some coins.


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