NOOK kids announced by Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has just announced something for the little ones while the adults can have fun with their NOOKcolor – we’re talking about NOOK kids. This is a state-of-the-art digital reading experience that will target little ones, making NOOK kids the first-ever platform which can deliver the largest and growing collection of nearly 12,000 popular children’s picture and chapter books in an enhanced and engaging digital format. It will range from beloved children’s classics to new releases, where NOOK kids will launch with over 130 digital picture books, doubling before 2010 comes to a close. We will look at NOOK kids in greater detail in the extended post.

Barnes & Noble children’s chapter books will come with a wide range of favorites which will be part of the company’s vast array of over two million digital titles, making it one of the world’s largest digital content catalogs. NOOK kids will also premiere on the newly announced NOOKcolor by Barnes & Noble, which we covered earlier this morning with it being the first full-color touch Reader’s Tablet.

Reading is a good habit to have, and starting young is always recommended. NOOK kids will offer parents and children a new method of experiencing and enjoying reading together. Storytime moments come to life using Barnes & Noble’s exclusive, patent-pending AliveTouch technology, where kids are invited to interact with words and pictures on the page, letting them find their favorite story in a jiffy, and others can also have some read aloud to them. In due time, NOOK kids eBooks will also feature light motion graphics and interactivity which fits into the story and plotlines. NOOK kids on NOOKcolor allows parents to take their children’s entire digital library wherever they go, regardless of whether the trip is long or short.

We do wonder though, with a device like this, would adults want to share it with their kids? Why not manufacture a kid-friendly model instead that can stand up to the rigors of unruly kids?

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