Follow Me Puppy has no poop to clean up after


I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like puppies yet, which is a good thing. After all, who could resist such adorable looking eyes, not to mention their unconditional love for you, especially during heart warming moments when they follow you home? One thing you have to bear in mind though – puppies can be a handful to look after, as you teach them the correct place to poop and pee while letting them know which places are off limits in your home. To avoid all that hassle, go ahead with the Follow Me Puppy from Hammacher. This $49.95 purchase will come with a friendly smile and floppy ears, following its child owner faithfully without having to bribe it with treats (just batteries will do). Attracted by an infrared “bone”, this puppy can also call out the child’s name via a previous recording using the puppy’s built-in microphone. Capable of rolling over smooth surfaces using a couple of wheels and a caster, where infrared sensors can detect the bone’s transmitter up to 12 feet away. Best to get some rechargeable batteries to go along with this if you want to be eco-friendly in the long run.

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