Daiwa House Moogle can inspect crawlspaces by remote control

by Mark R

I remember watching an episode of Modern Family, where Phil, the dumb yet likable father, wants to check out the space underneath this house. He decides to tape a webcam to his kid’s remote control truck, which sadly rolls over. Eventually, he has to physically crawl under and get it himself.

It would appear that Phil should have used a Moogle, a remote-control robot by Daiwa House that can do the same thing, but not tip over. The Moogle has tank treads for getting through bumpy territory, a laser rangefinder, and WiFi connectivity. The Moogle (by the way, it is pronounced like it rhymes with “google” and not “Google”) has two cameras. One is for the actual driving, and the other one is for the actual inspection.

I have a video of it after the jump in case you want to see it in action. In the video, it looks like that it has detected a crack, which would be good for the homeowner to know, don’t you think?

The Daiwa House Moogle is only available in Japan. It can be leased monthly for a low price of $500. Some of you might not think that is a low price, but it costs $2,500 to purchase.


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David Davis Says: January 31, 2012 at 9:56 pm

I would be intrested in purchasing one of these units, who would I get into contact with?


David Davis

Steve Bly Says: August 11, 2012 at 9:46 am

Very cool tool would be a rest help in a lot of thing !!!! Keep up the good work !!!!

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