T-Shirt lets you see right through someone

by Mark R

This a T-Shirt that is inspired by the popular PC game Portal. I’m sure most of you have heard of it, or played it, at some point.

For those aren’t familiar with it, it is a game where you have a gun that can make an entry portal and then an exit portal. You need to use this dimension-crossing technology to solve some interesting puzzles.

Benjamin Heckendorn, aka Ben Heck, has created a Portal shirt that allows you to look right through him. The shirt has a chest-mounted LCD screen for the front, and a CCD camera for the back. Whatever the camera films on the back is shown on the front, creating an interesting see-through effect.

In case you haven’t heard of Ben Heck, he is a man who loves to do modding on video game merchandise. For example, he has made an XBox 360 laptop that you can see in the picture here.

I’m sure that this shirt is probably expensive to make, but you’ve got to admire how cool it is to have shirt that you can see-through. I’m not talking about mesh material either. I suppose there could be an age when chest-mounted LCDs could be real cheap, and the camera as well. Then everyone would have one of these. There’s a fad for the future!


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