Power Loader Light from Activelink

It has been a year since we reported on the Power Loader, an Exoskeleton that allows the user to lift heavy loads.

The Power Loader is made by a company known as Activelink, a Toyko-based robot venture spun off from Panasonic. It is clearly inspired by scenes from the James Cameron/Sirgourney Weaver science fiction classic Aliens.

This version that you see here is known as the Power Loader Light. I suppose it is Ripley’s big and heavy yellow metal suit on a diet. As you might have guessed, it isn’t that light, though.

In fact, it weighs in at about 84 pounds. Yes, that is pretty heavy, but it can help the user lift about 220 pounds worth of weight. Granted, I’m not certain how that can be possible, because I don’t see any robot arms included in this picture. Anyway, my Source says it can also boost the power of the legs by 88 pounds.

In case you were hoping to get on a Power Loader Light and become the next Iron Man superhero vigilante, you will have to wait. It probably won’t be available until 2015, with a price that Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark could easily afford: $233,000. On the bright side, universities and other similar institutions should be able to get it for about $122,000.