KeyGlove makes one-handed computing a reality

by Mark R

Imagine how much more efficient that you could be if you could type with one hand and mouse with another? Now, let’s take that one step further with this KeyGlove that allows you to type and use the mouse with just one hand.

This is the vision of programmer Jeff Rowberg, who put 34 strategically placed contact sensors that can be pressed together to form individual letters. As for the mouse movements, there is an accelerometer for that.

It was built around an Arduino platform, and, as you can tell, it is quite a work in progress. Would you buy a glove that had this much threads coming out of it? When I saw the Peregrine MMO gaming glove for the first time, it didn’t look anything like this. It wasn’t on the market yet.

Of course, I wonder how long it would take me to learn how to type on this one-handed thing. I hope it is easier to learn than typing was, and I wonder if the accelerometer mouse is as easy to use as a regular mouse. If it is anything like using the trackpad, then I think I’ll stick to one hand on the mouse and one hand on the KeyGlove.


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