44 thoughts on “QUESTION -> What is It?”

  1. Bringerr plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and when you forget to bring your cell phone with you to the vehicle it emits an auditory and visual warning.

  2. It is a LED lighted mini usb plug\cigarette lighter adapter. It lets you easily plug in a mini usb cord to charge your device while on the road.

  3. Its a cigarette lighter breathalyzer. Somehow it locks into the socket and the driver must breath into the front to get the electrical system to work.

  4. To the left it appears to be a 12 volt car plug, and the right side looks like a negative ion generator, possibly with a UV lamp, so I guess that its a car sanitizer/air cleaner.

  5. I remember seeing something like that a few months back. I believe it syncs via bluetooth to your cell phone. When you start your car if it doesnt detect your cell phone it will make noise at you. This way you dont leave your phone behind.

  6. It’s a mobile alarm that you put in your car’s cigarette lighter. You have to pair your phone with it via bluetooth. When your car starts without your phone being near it, it’ll flash and emit an alarm sound.

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