MakerLegoBot: A Lego creation designed to make Lego creations

Remember that scene in Star Wars: Episode II where C-3PO sees a droid factory and says: “Machines building machines. How perverse”.

Clearly, my Source feels the same way about this Lego Mindstorms creation. Our pal Threepio would describe it as “Legos making Legos”. I don’t think that it would be perverse. I would call it cool.

If you are not familiar with Lego Mindstorms, they are very advanced Lego blocks that come with a mini computer so they can do programmed actions. In this case, Engineer Will Gorman’s MakerLegoBot.

As you can see from the photo, it can build up things like this blue structure here. Now that would be pretty impressive if it could build just that, but this can take a virtual 3D model and assemble it with lots of Lego bricks.

The only question is: where are all the Lego bricks that it is using for construction? Is it grabbing them from a secret location?

Actually, there is one other question: can this guy be programmed to create other Lego MakerBots? The creator is actually working on solving that particular quandary. I think my Source is having flashbacks to early Terminator movies on what comes next. All I can say is that those exoskeltons will look cool made of Lego.