Dreamoc puts 3D animations on a Coca-Cola bottle

by Mark R

I once saw a hologram rendered with an iPad, and it had a glass pyramid shape around it that looked just like this.

This is a similar set up by some company known as Dreamoc, and it is a way of putting 3D animations on something so it is viewable from 200 degrees.

It reminds me of that statue of Holger the Dane. Remember how they were able to project some fairies on the throned guy? I don’t know if they were in 3D, but this Coca Cola bottle certainly has the 3D goods. You can see it in the video after the jump.

This actually looks like something that Coca-Cola would come out with just to promote their soda. I can’t help but wonder where Coca Cola would use this other than a museum.

Perhaps Coca-Cola is paying these Dreamoc people to come up with a new way of advertising their product. Maybe they intend to put these 3D projected bottles in their vending machines, as a plot to bring glass-bottled soda back to the market. Yeah, I guess that is the worst soda conspiracy theory that I could think of.

However, this Dreamoc could be a way of plugging new products. I wonder if I will see this at CES in January.


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