Apparently, the Kinect is good for sit-down gamers, too

by Mark R

Considering that there is a trend in video gaming systems to really get “gamers into the game” with systems like the Kinect (not to mention everything the Wii has done for the past few years), you have to wonder whether the Kinect will be good for those that want to just sit on couch at play video games.

Rest assured, couch-potato gamers! It would appear that the Kinect has figured out how to get the camera and sensors to zero-in on the sitting down gamer, and not just when they are standing up.

Considering that many are saying that the Kinect will require six to eight feet worth of space just to play, this news is a relief. I honestly don’t have a TV room that is that large, and I would love to try out the Kinect.

Say, I heard that the Kinect is or was (depending on when you read this) appearing on Oprah. I wonder if she is going to make an Oprah moment: “Everybody gets an Xbox Kinect! Everybody gets an Xbox Kinect!”

Then again, Microsoft already did that for anyone who appeared at the press conference at E3. The reason why I know that is because I missed it.


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