See Holger the Dane brought to life

This is a statue of the Holger the Dane, located in the casemates at Kronborg Castle, Denmark.

Tourists who come to this statue will be rewarded with an attraction that looks like it is straight from Disneyland, complete with fairies. The show begins with some motion-sensitive lights that will come on as the user gets closer to the statue.

Get close enough, and a show begins that uses some interesting projection as well as sound. You can see it for yourself on the video after the jump.

The projections bring the statue to life, in a very inanimate way. For example, fairies will appear on him to give him special powers. Shadows of a cage and a giant appear for even more drama.

It sure is a show to see, down to the “Redemption” portion. I’m not certain how in the world they got the statue to breathe, but Holger’s chest is somehow moving in and out. Any more application of this technology, and Holger will be rising out of his throne.

So, is this the beginning of some animated statue tourism? I wonder if they should do this to the statue of Lincoln at the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC. Or what that be in bad taste?