Glow in the Dark Lego USB Drive

Finally getting your hands on a Lego shaped USB drive is a legendary day.  However, most of them immediately disappear as soon as the lights go out, making your investment not as cool.  Thankfully, one intelligent person has created a Lego USB drive that glows in the dark.  That allows for you to find that handy little stick no matter whether it’s bright and shiny or dark as night.

Of course it’s not technically a Lego product.  This is actually just a gadget from Zip Zip and never really mentions the Lego brand name.  That doesn’t make this little USB drive any less cool though.  You can purchase these in all sorts of sizes, anywhere from 2GB clear up to 16GB.  Pick up your very own for anywhere from $35 on up to $90, just depending on the size that you choose.

Source: Gizmodiva