AAXA Technologies has new M1 Ultimate Micro Projector


Pico projectors, tiny projectors, micro projectors, they’re all the same. After all, didn’t the Bard once said, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”? Well, the world of pico projectors have certainly come a long way since their introduction to the world. We would say that earlier iterations were tiny and highly portable, but when it comes to performance, a lot is left to be desired. After all, their colors looked washed out, even unviewable under an averagely lighted room. AAXA Technologies might think that they have a game changer on their hands though with the new M1 Ultimate Micro Projector which we will look at in greater detail in the extended post.

The M1 Ultimate will come in a sleek brushed aluminum case, helping deliver a sharp, modern look. Of course, as with any new iteration of a product, you should expect new features, otherwise there wouldn’t be any point in rolling it out, is there? Some of the new features include a new onboard back-lit keypad for direct user interface without sacrificing the added flexibility of the included remote control. As for its new aluminum case, you will find a tripod mount to play nice with the included tripod, wheer it will work great when combined with digital vertical keystone to improve viewing flexibility.

The AAXA M1 Ultimate micro projector will also take advantage of AAXA’s revolutionary micro optical engine which offers high-output LEDs along with advanced light recycling technologies. This system is capable of churning out a peak brightness of 75 lumens, although the resolution hasn’t improved compared to its competitors with just 800 x 600 (SVGA) pixels. Expect good color quality and excellent image clarity and sharpness to accompany the M1 Ultimate. It will retail for $349 a pop when available, although placing a pre-order today will cost you just $299.

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