Emotive Robotic Avatar for the rich


What happens when you have a little bit of extra money in your bank account? OK, so now isn’t the wisest time to drop $65,000 on the Emotive Robotic Avatar due to the worldwide economic malaise, but at least it is something worth having in your living room or home if you already have virtually everything else you want and need, and are looking for something a little bit different. This Emotive Robotic Avatar is different from any other ordinary robot, since it conveys nuanced emotions controlled by its operator from a remote command center. It will rely on a combination of eye expressions, antenna colors, body language, where the digitally modulated voice of its operator is capable of expressesing all five feelings at the moment, comprising of happy, confused, angry, sad, and embarrassed. Standing on its integrated stage which hides 19 motors that control the puppet’s realistic animated movements, it can be remotely controlled by an included tablet PC from up to 30 feet away. You can adjust the emotions of the puppet simply by tapping the tablet’s screen with a stylus. Other hardware thrown into the mix include a microphone and pinhole camera for you to see and hear what’s happening over the PC’s screen. All Emotive Robotic Avatars are built to order, so you don’t have to worry about yours being not unique.

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