SteelSeries jumps aboard Medal of Honor bandwagon


If you were a gaming peripheral company, what would be the best way for you to introduce a new peripheral to the market? Why, we would think that one of the more ingenious methods would be to tie in your product launch with that of another game title that is so hotly anticipated, even grandmas won’t mind lining up for days to purchase a copy for their beloved grandchild (and themselves, of course). Sure, the latest Medal of Honor offering didn’t exactly come with an iPhone-like frenzy with queues starting a few days earlier, but it sure was a highly anticipated title. What better way than for SteelSeries to jump aboard this goodwill bandwagon by offering a slew of peripherals that might just make you drop some serious coin? More on the individual peripherals in the extended post.

First of all, we have a couple of distinct SteelSeries gaming keyboards up for sale – the SteelSeries 6Gv2 mechanical keyboard Medal of Honor Edition and the fully customizable SteelSeries Shift Medal of Honor Edition. The former is more or less similar to Wolverine of the X-Men fame, featuring a nigh indestructible form factor with 18k-gold plated mechanical switches and anti-ghosting capability that supports as many simultaneous key presses as there are keys on the keyboard. It also features SteelSeries’ Media Controls that delivers more or less instant access to volume, mute and other audio options. It will retail for $99.99/€79.99.

As for the latter, the SteelSeries Shift Medal of Honor Edition Bundle will boast an intuitive button layout, labeled keys and the ability to fully customize and remap the entire keyboard in multiple layers. This one is slightly different in its pricing, where you will pay 99.99 in either American dollars or Euros, depending on the continent on which you reside on. As for those who want to just pick up the Medal of Honor Edition Keyset, it is going for $24.99/€24.99.

SteelSeries’ Xai Medal of Honor Edition mouse will feature a new skin to reflect the colors and tone of the game, and is best used in tandem with the smooth cloth surface of the SteelSeries QcK Warrior Edition mousepad. Both the SteelSeries Medal of Honor Edition Xai and QcK Warrior Edition will retail for $89.99/€79.99 and $14.99/€14.99, respectively. Shame if you got all of the above and yet still lose to a lesser equipped opponent…

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