Hands on with the Aluratek AUH100F USB to HDMI 720p Adapter

by Mark R

Some of you might have a Desktop or Laptop that you might want to see on your big screen TV, and Aluratek has the USB to HDMI 720p Adapter that you would need for that.

I had a chance to try out the AUH100F USB to HDMI Adapter, and I found it pretty handy for getting what is on my computer on the big screen.

Set up was pretty simple, but it required me buying HDMI cable, something that I didn’t have on me. I had some trouble on set-up connecting with my computer’s USB, but the CD Rom was there to smooth that out. It wasn’t as easy as plug-and-play.

I was able to get the 720p resolution with good sound, but I had one small problem: my television is a widescreen. So when my Windows were on my TV, maximizing them made them so large that I couldn’t see the menu bar.

I had to shrink it up, but it was good enough to get hulu.com on my television, which was my main reason for getting this adapter.

So if you are in the market for trying to extend your desktop screen, or you want to simply put your laptop on your HDTV, this is probably the product for you. It has a limited 1 year warranty, and it costs $79.99.


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