Green Monster Talkatoo


No, don’t get mistaken by the Green Monster Talkatoo – it ain’t no cockatoo. Definitely worth looking into if you want something to spruce up your coffee table with something different. The Green Monster Talkatoo might seem rather menacing at first glance, but it works along the principle of giving out what you feed it – in this case, verbally. The Talkatoo is able to let your friends and family hear that you love them, or even when you miss them. Basically, it comes in the form of a necklace and has a little button that will record a 30-second voice message. Hitting the large button will let you hear your recorded message being played back, and you can repeat it as many times as desired, depending on how much battery life it has left within. Featuring high gloss, scratch resistant ink graphics which is applied to both sides of the pendant, the Green Monster Talkatoo retails for $16.99.

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