Canon Cross Media Station can charge cameras and download photos

What you are seeing here is Canon’s Cross Media Station. It is technology that is probably years before public release, but it does some pretty amazing things.

To start, it is a wireless charger for a camera. I have seen wireless charging stations like the Powermat and Wildcharger before, and this thing has an indicator to show when your Canon camera has the correct amount of juice.

Another feature is its ability to sort out pictures on an HDTV. You can see in the video after the jump a spokesperson placing a camera on the station itself, and getting a patchwork quilt of pictures.

I can only assume that this feature can be used for fast-loading digital image files to a computer as well. After all, the video shows certain pictures being sent to certain friends.

You will note how the spokesperson in the video has a remote control, which I can only assume is a standard feature for this Cross Media Station. I can understand this, as the unit is connected to a television via HDMI. However, if this were connected to a PC, couldn’t we use the mouse in lieu of a remote control?

As I mentioned before, this device is a prototype, but I can imagine this device taking the place of most darkrooms. Do darkrooms even exist anymore?