Samsung has new firmware for NX10 camera


Samsung isn’t famous yet when it comes to digital cameras, but that doesn’t mean the South Korean consumer electronics giant isn’t trying its level best to break into the market. Their NX10 mirrorless camera was a pretty good start compared to its range of entry level consumer digital cameras, and we’re stoked to see the company announce the availability of a firmware upgrade for the NX10, bumping up the version to 1.20. Just what does firmware upgrade 1.20 bring to the table? For starters, we are looking at compatibility with Samsung’s innovative new i-Function lens technology, providing photographers as well as avid shutterbugs with an avenue to control the camera easily via the lens itself. More on this magical experience in the extended post.

Basically, with firmware upgrade 1.20 installed, NX10 camera owners are able to control the camera’s settings conveniently and intuitively from the lens itself. This is definitely something new since it isn’t possible at all on other camera lines at the moment, although things might just change in the future. Conventional lenses, needless to say, are passive in controlling camera settings, but the special i-Function Lens is one proactive lens which will communicate with the camera body itself. Apart from that, the NX10 will also deliver total image control with a remarkably easy way to control camera settings, leading even beginners to obtain quick image capturing, while being provided with customized settings optimized for the lens being used.

Samsung has also taken the initiative to ensure all NX system lenses launched from now on will feature the i-Function capability. This convenient one-touch button is capable of activating common shooting controls including aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance, translating to an easier and quicker configuration whenever you’re out capturing your subject. Whenever the button is pressed, the shooting parameter will be displayed on screen via a graphical cue. Rotating the manual focus ring on the lens will change the said value. In addition, firmware upgrade 1.20 also delivers a speedier AF speed on the camera. Makes you want to run out and purchase that NX10 now, eh?

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