Guitar Lamps require you to rock out to dim the lights

Most dimming lamps make you tap the base to make it dim or turn a knob.  However, these lamps force you to play a little tune on those strings in order to make those lights dim down.  They’re the perfect way to set the mood for anyone you might drag into your love nest.  Then again, you start calling it a love nest or anything along those lines and you might find yourself being the only one willing to enter the room.

These guitars have a 3-way dimmer that forces you to strum those strings in order to brighten or darken the lights.  There are two different types available, one sits on a microphone stand and the other is a table lamp.  Both have a power cord that runs out of the 1/4” jack, making the guitar look even more lifelike.  In order to get yourself one you’ll have to pay quite a bit of money.  For each one, without the lamp shade it’ll cost you $499.

Source: ChipChick