Farmland Alarm Clock

Not all alarm clocks are created equal, and you can tell with this latest model from Firebox known as the Farmland Alarm Clock. What makes it so different from all the other standard ringers in the market? Well, for £14.99 a pop, you are able to wake up to the tunes of a farm, minus the smell of chicken poop as well as seeing a cow pee for minutes on end. This alarm clock will ensure you won’t have to be rudely awakened by the sounds of hustling and bustling city, where moos, baas and clucks will be the better alternative. Keeping it silent is yet another challenge as well, where you will need to remove the animal that corresponds with the wake up call from the picket-fenced ‘pasture’, followed by slotting it right above the large LCD display. Perfect for those who want something different in their bedrooms without looking out of place.