Elecom Plush Toys Clean Your Screens

I still remember the day that I finally managed to get rid of all of my childhood stuffed animals.  For some reason giving a girl a stuffed animal, no matter what her age, seems like a good idea to far too many people.  I’ve always said all they do is collect dust.  Well it turns out that could come in useful.  These plush toys can sit around looking adorable and pay their keep by keeping your monitor screens looking squeaky clean and dust free.

There is Groomy and Baby Groomy to wipe your screens clean.  Be it your laptop, LCD monitor or that massive flat screen in your living room, this will do the job.  The belly itself features special soft tissue that is made to handle screens, so I wouldn’t advise using just any old stuffed animal for the job.  
There are 18 different versions of these cute dogs, including a pink version.  You can check them out by heading here.

Source: Gizmodiva