Microsoft Kinect gets an odd peripheral with the Game Boat

I never did get to try out the Microsoft Kinect when it debuted at E3, but I am told that one of the games associated for it is Kinect Adventures.

I am assuming that Kinnect Adventures is the Kinect’s version of Wii Sports. You know, with a bunch of random games put together just to demonstrate how the new gaming system works and show off how cool it is.

One of these Kinect Adventures apparently involves rafting. In order to make this game more realistic, Play On is offering gamers the chance to have a Game Boat raft in their gaming room for added realism.

Considering that the Kinect actually requires about 6 to 8 feet of room in order to operate, I suppose most living rooms or gaming rooms will not be affected the addition of of a liferaft on the premises.

I don’t have a price point for this as yet, but they have a model which will accommodate two people. By the way, this “gaming peripheral for a gaming peripheral” raft can actually be used as a real raft.

The question I have is: how does it inflate? Does it come with a pump or do you have to blow this yourself? That would affect my decision on whether or not I would purchase this. Then again, I never really wanted a raft for my gaming.