New external DVD writer from Samsung makes traveling easier


When faced with an external DVD writer, what comes into your mind? Most people would probably think along the lines of “one external DVD writer is as good as the other, since they all use the same internal parts anyways but sport different labels on the outside”. Well, not all external DVD drives are created equal, and if you’re a frequent traveler with a netbook as your working tool of choice, then we might want to suggest you quickly pick up an external DVD drive before you continue on your next stop. After all, you can never quite tell just when you’re going to have something to burn on your next road trip, eh? Let’s face the fact, carrying even the largest capacity USB flash drive is not going to make the cut (not to mention expensive in the long run) if you need to transfer huge chunks of data onto other portable media for friends and associates. Enter Samsung’s external SE-S084F optical disc drive which we’ll look at in greater detail in the extended post.

The SE-S084F optical disc drive will hit the market just in time for the mad holiday season, which is a good thing since it would mean you are able to burn all your favorite memories on numerous discs even from your netbook as long as it is hooked up properly via USB. It isn’t going to be a burden on your shoulder either, since it tips the scales at less than one pound and you can even choose from five distinct colors to suit your mood and personality. Targeting netbook as well as mini PC users, it will be able to deliver the flexibility of a smaller device without sacrificing the benefits of an optical disc drive.

Another plus point would be having it work straight off an USB power source, which does away with the need to tote around an AC adaptor or power cables that will ultimately add more weight to your luggage. It also has a heart for the environment, as this eco-friendly DVD writer plays nice with RoHS guidelines that limit the use of chemicals such as Pb, Cd, Cr+6, Hg, PBBs and PBDE. Samsung has also relied on lead-free soldering manufacturing technologies in order to further eliminate the use of harmful materials. Some of the writing speeds include 24X CD-ROM, 24X CD-RW, 8X DVD±R recording, 5X DVD-RAM recording, 6X DVD+R Dual Layer recording, 6X DVD-R Dual Layer recording, 8X DVD+RW recording and 6X DVD-RW recording. The asking price is pretty reasonable as well, costing a mere $59.99.

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Michael Says: October 11, 2010 at 6:47 am

Wow, yesterday’s technology today!! Does the “new” SE8084F differ in any way from the SE8084 I bought over a year and a half ago, other than being silver instead of black?

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