Cart Desk Baggage Tote turns into desk

by Ally

Finding a decent spot to set up shop and get a little work done can be hard when you’re in busy areas.  Sure, you might be able to find a random bench, but there are no guarantees that you’ll actually find a surface besides your lap to set up your laptop on.  If you’d really like to buckle down and make sure that you can always have a desk, you could pick up this Cart Desk Baggage Tote.

The whole thing turns into a convenient little computer desk.  With this you won’t be stuck keeping your laptop on your lap.  Plus, if you’d like a surface to eat off of, it’ll work just fine for that as well.  Just slip one of your bags onto the cart and when you don’t need the desk it’ll be tucked out of sight.  You can pick up one of these for $129.95 through the Comfort House.

Source:  Gizmodiva

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