Remote Visual Doorbell Clock

Hmm, a doorbell clock doesn’t exactly ring a bell in our books (pun not intended), but we guess there was enough research done to justify the existence of the Remote Visual Doorbell Clock. What does this $39.98 device do anyways? Regardless of whether it is powered by either an AC adapter or a quartet of AAA batteries, it will provide additional notice whenever someone is at your door step (an alert watchdog would do equally well, but at least you don’t have to clean up after the clock). Each time the doorbell is pressed, the clock will play one out of 32 selectable tunes, lighting up and flashing crazily away for 10 seconds to boot just in case it is late into the night and you are listening to your favorite relaxation tunes with a pair of noise-isolation earphones. Works great as long as you remain within a 50 foot radius from the doorbell.

2 thoughts on “Remote Visual Doorbell Clock”

  1. Grandma absolutely loves this with her hearing gone. My problem, also, is I can set everything but the time! You can set the date, day of the week, the alarm time, but how to set the time remains a very frustrating mystery! I had to leave it in a zero zero zero mode with days of the week flashing like crazy! (Couldn’t find how to turn off the alarm, either, but she won’t hear it so I hope that works out ok in my absence!) Sure wishing for instructions but it comes with none. 🙁

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