Panasonic’s new digital photo frame has iPod/iPhone dock

by Mark R

Even though I am spending the rest of this week at CTIA Fall 2010 in San Francisco, I am getting the feeling that CEATEC in Japan is where it’s at this week.

Take this particular prototype of the MW-20, a digital picture frame that Panasonic put on display. Not only can the 9-inch frame display pictures via SD card or 2GB internal memory, but it also has an integrated iPod/iPhone dock.

So, if you want to get all your photos from your favorite iDevice, it is as easy as docking it. You can even use the frame’s internal stereo speakers to play your favorite tunes as well.

I have heard that the digital picture frame can also play well with a Lumix camera, and it even has a function that will group photos by style. I’m not certain what that means, or how in the world it would even define style. I suppose I’ll leave defining style to fashion designers and this picture frame, then.

The word is that the Panasonic MW-20 digital picture frame should be out sometime during the holidays, for a price of about $249. That is pretty expensive for a digital picture frame, but not many I know feature an iPod/iPhone dock. In all honesty, I’m surprised that isn’t a standard feature.


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