Razer to launch new suite of Naga Special Edition gaming mice

There is nothing quite like injecting fresh interest into a particular hardware line by coming up with limited or special editions, and Nintendo has pulled that off to great effect with so many different design iterations of the Nintendo DS line, featuring different decals on the outside as well as a myriad of colors which appeal to a wide range of audience. Razer has taken a leaf out of Nintendo’s book, although Razer will not release that many special editions with their new suite of Razer Naga Special Edition gaming mice in the form of the Razer Naga Maelstrom Special Edition and the Razer Naga Molten Special Edition. We will take a closer look at them later in the extended post.

This move came about thanks to the phenomenal response which Razer received for the Razer Naga, according to the hardware manufacturer themselves. This has resulted in the creation of two collectible versions specially made for their fans, where they will boast the same functionality of full button remapping and macro capabilities of the original Razer Naga albeit with a rejuvenated and aesthetic design for a more immersive MMO gaming experience.

Razer’s Maelstrom Special Edition will enable MMO gamers to dive straight into the heart of the vortex, where it will sport a similar 17 MMO-optimized buttons with unprecedented macro functionality, boasting a whirlpool of entrancing blue light that emanates from its swirling core to further mesmerize whoever looks at it. As for the Molten Special Edition, it will instead glow in a wicked and fiery red hue, offering lava-red fissures that cuts a jagged path across the mouse.

Either way, they will still cost $79.99 a pop, and if you live across the pond, it will also retail for an equivalent amount except in Euros. This means you would be better off purchasing one Stateside as after going through the exchange rate, those in Europe will have to fork out more dough for it. Expect them to be out later this November.

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