Lucky Bums Music Strap Speakers

If you are tired of jamming earbuds into your ears, Lucky Bums has a handy little solution for those that use a backpack on a regular basis.  Although I’m not a fan of listening to other people’s music tastes on a long train ride there are situations when a set of speakers would be nice.  These are capable of handling a little bit of bad weather and will play the music from any old MP3 player.

These speakers aren’t choosy, even if you have a cheap old MP3 player instead of a fancy new iPod it’ll still play your favorite music.  It plays that music through 1W speakers that are held in place by a pair of Velcro cable ties.  They are obviously weatherproof and manage to stay powered with 2 AAA batteries.  You can purchase a set of Music Strap Speakers from Lucky Bums for $29.99.

Source: GeekyGadgets