Instant Impresario Guitar

Love those romantic comedies that see the main character serenade the love of his life with a guitar, only to win her heart in the end? Does this mean that all is lost if you do not have the ability to let your fingers dance across the strings of a guitar? Perhaps not, as there is help in the form of the Instant Impresario Guitar, where this device will target those who practically have no previous guitar experience whatsoever, offering the instant gratification of playing chords without months of practice. It comes in the same form factor as a hollow-body acoustic guitar, featuring half a dozen strings which can be strummed or individually plucked with the right hand like a normal guitar. As for your left hand, it will press a chord button along the fingerboard. You will be able to play up to 24 different chords thanks to the unique button combinations, while touch-sensitve pads located above and below the strings will be able to deliver additional muting and octave control. Twelve built-in arpeggio settings enable one to enjoy individual string control when in “lead guitar” mode. Each $599.95 purchase comes with four demonstration songs to get you started right out of the box, and while the integrated 1 1/2-watt speaker produces clear notes and chords, it definitely won’t bring the house down. You can choose to have it powered by eight AA batteries if you want to serenade Juliet outside of her house window, otherwise sit in your living room and let the AC adapter provide the required juice.

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  1. I Have the instant impresario Guitar.Can i use the USB port to connect to my computer.If so do i have to have a software program,and where do i get one. Appreciate any help that you may give me. Maurice Latta

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